Thursday, September 4, 2008

T-minus Two Days

We're learning about intellectual property rights and the difficulties around their enforcement in China, so I hope this blog will not be hacked or stolen, but with such a group of intelligent, attractive people heading out on this study tour, we will likely be copied shamelessly.

My name is Ben Brown, and due to a high level of masochism paired with a bit of an ego about my writing skills, I volunteered to record our adventures on this study tour for the three or maybe four of you interested in reading about them.

A bit of background:

I've been to China before, the first time through another small private catholic organization: St. John's University in Minnesota. I was getting my undergrad degree at that Benedictine higher learning center and discovered that going to Chongqing, China for a semester would save me a grand on overall school costs, including the plane ticket. I fell in love with China, so one cold February morning (-20F) as I stood with a hair dryer plugged by extension cord into the house, warming my car door lock so it would open, I realized I needed to get out of Minnesota. In fact, I had to get as far away as I could.

I went to Chongqing again and ended up staying for 3.5 years, then returned to the US to get an MBA and move back to China to live, work and learn. When the opportunity to go there with my fellow grad students to meet business leaders and explore arose, I signed up immediately.

So starts my psuedo-official blog. Hopefully, you will find the insights posted herein as enjoyable to read as they will be to gather.

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